Adam Bluestein

Selected Work

“After a Comeback, 23andMe Faces Its Next Test.” Profile of the pioneering consumer genomics company and its leader, Anne Wojcicki. Fast Company, Sept 2017

How eatertainment impressario Robert Thompson cracked the millennial code with Punch Bowl  Social. Inc., Dec 2016-Jan 2017

“Made to Measure.” New gene-editing techniques such as CRISPR let researchers create engineered lab animals on demand, but at what ethical cost? Proto, Sept 2016

Kaiser Permanente’s new California health clinics showcase Bernard Tyson’s community-focused vision for American healthcare. Fast Company, Mar 2016 

“The Future of Fast Food Is ... Quinoa?” Eatsa’s high-tech plan to rid the fast-food industry of  meat, lines, and human employees. Fast Company, Aug 2015

“The Most Entrepreneurial Group in America Wasn’t Born in America.” The business case for comprehensive immigration reform, featuring profiles of immigrant founders. Inc., Feb 2015

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