Adam Bluestein

Selected Work

“The Lock-Picker, the Lockmaker, and the Odyssey to Expose a Major Security Flaw.”
Ethical hackers take on the security industry. Bloomberg Businessweek, December 2021

“What Is It Really Like to Take Your Company Public via a SPAC?” A behind-the-scenes look at how Ginkgo Bioworks scored the biggest biotech IPO ever.  Fortune Quarterly Investment Guide, Q3 2021

“The Search for a Regeneration Switch.”
Can studying salamanders and spiny mice help humans grow new limbs? Answer: It’s complicated. Proto, August 2021

“How Supreme-Style Merch Drops Took Over Corporate America.” We’re all hype beasts now. What’s behind the pandemic surge in branded swag? And how long can it last? Marker, March 2021

“Austin Was Destined to Replace Silicon Valley. Then the Pandemic Hit.”  What the hottest boomtown off the coasts will look like on the other side. Marker, July 2020 

How Mormons Built the Next Silicon Valley While No One Was Looking.” LDS religious values infuse Utah’s  blazing-hot tech scene. As businesses seek to lure outsiders, does that need to change? Marker, January 2020

“Flower Power.” How Mikey Steinmetz, CEO and cofounder of craft-grown cannabis distributor Flow Kana, is helping multi-generation Emerald Triangle growers weather the storms of legalization. Men’s Journal,January/February 2020

“Green Means Go.” How Canopy Growth, Canada’s largest cannabis producer, prepared for nationwide legalization—and how it plans to dominate the global weed industry with its “family of brands” approach to a fast-changing marketplace. Fast Company, February 2019

“After a Comeback, 23andMe Faces Its Next Test.” Profile of Anne Wojcicki, CEO of the pioneering consumer genomics company. Fast Company, September 2017

“The Most Entrepreneurial Group in America Wasn’t Born in America.” The business case for comprehensive immigration reform, featuring profiles of immigrant founders. Inc., February 2015

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