Adam Bluestein

Selected Work

“Activist Bill McKibben Calls for Extreme Action to Ease Climate Change.” Why the author of Falter continues risking jail and death threats. Men’s Journal, May 2019

“Beer or Wine? Magic Hat Hopes That Millenials say ‘Both.’”  With its new DuVine “grape ale,” an early craft brewer fights for market share in the exploding “other” alcholic beverage category., April 2019

“Green Means Go.” How Canopy Growth, Canada’s largest cannabis producer, prepared for nationwide legalization—and how it plans to dominate the global weed industry with its “family of brands” approach to a fast-changing marketplace. Fast Company, February 2019

“140 Million Miles From Home.”
The human body wasn’t made for space travel. An army of researchers is studying ways to mitigate the risks to life, limb, and sanity, during a two-year manned Mars voyage. Proto, September 2018

”Knots in the Family Tree.”  Combining cutting-edge DNA sequencing and a trove of Mormon family trees, researchers In Utah are uncovering the rare mutations driving hereditary cancers, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and more. Proto, June 2018

“After a Comeback, 23andMe Faces Its Next Test.” Profile of Anne Wojcicki, CEO of the pioneering consumer genomics company. Fast Company, Sept 2017

How eatertainment impressario Robert Thompson cracked the millennial code with Punch Bowl  Social. Inc., Dec 2016-Jan 2017

“The Most Entrepreneurial Group in America Wasn’t Born in America.” The business case for comprehensive immigration reform, featuring profiles of immigrant founders. Inc., Feb 2015

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